Since we do not provide drug or alcohol treatment in Westernsprings, those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction should contact our referral line for help as soon as possible.

Pain Management

Drug Free Pain Management in Western Springs, IL

We are in control of our own journeys through life, even if those journeys are set upon us by God. He asks that make the best out of our situations even when pain is all the results. This is a valuable lesson and an essential one to the idea of addiction recovery. Rehabilitation is not possible without detox and detoxification is not possible without withdrawals. The body has some very important changes to make and these changes almost never come easy. We have many ways to help patients deal with the pains they face but pain is always temporary and out expert care will ensure that this pain is all in good cause. Pain means progress and you must have faith in God and faith in yourself in order for you to be able to cope with these pains as the treatment process takes course.

Our pain management programs are some of the most effective methods used to deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms. A professional and experienced staff from our treatment center will ensure your addiction process is not debilitating, but cleansing. We take all measures to ensure that our patients’ health is maintained at all times, so there are few worries. The withdrawal process is critical to the rest of the treatment program but it does not have to be intolerable. Once this troublesome period has passed, the permanent healing can begin. Calling Christian Detox Helpline at (708) 298-8770 can answer any remaining questions you may have about the withdrawal process and specifically how we deal with them, as each patient has his or her own needs.

Pain medications prescribed by doctors are very important for their patients to be able to tolerate pain from surgeries or other various medical conditions. These pain medications are often very powerful and the body’s natural adaptive ability allows us to become less susceptible to these effects. This is called developing tolerance. However, as we develop tolerance over long periods of time while taking prescription pain medications, the tolerance leads to overdosing and this overdosing leads to a serious addictive condition which requires urgent treatment from experts like those at Christian Detox Helpline in Western Springs, IL.