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Conquer the Fear of Drug Detox

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We’ve all got fears. But when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab, there’s one word that many addicts fear the most—detox. But there’s nothing to really fear. Detox is the process of cleansing the body’s system from years of drugs and toxins.  It’s an essential and mandatory stage of the rehab process.  But it’s also one of the most misunderstood parts of the recovery process. Detox is often negatively portrayed by movies and television shows. Many recovering addicts fear the symptoms of withdrawal. Although withdrawal is an inevitable side effect, it’s only temporary.  It’s important to know withdrawal is the body’s natural reaction to being cleansed after years of drug and chemical infestation. Rehab centers use the latest and most innovative techniques of detox to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

Patient safety is always a top priority at rehab facilities. Each patient who undergoes detox is carefully monitored to ensure there will be little chance for complications.  Certified drug detox specialists are highly-trained to be well-versed in the latest methods. Once a patient completes detox, they’ve cleared one of the biggest hurdles of rehab. Many consider it a life changing and rewarding experience. The statistics don’t lie. The success rate of patients who complete detox is dramatic. Most are able to complete rehab and successfully begin their journey to a healthy and sober lifestyle.  But like anything else, detox requires hard work, determination and commitment from both the patient and staff to be successful.

Getting through drug and alcohol rehab isn’t easy. But it’s worth the effort to ultimately achieve sobriety and regain control of your life. You’ve come this far. Don’t turn back. Call the Christian Detox Helpline and take the next major step to reaching your full potential.

The Cost of Substance Abuse

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Drug abuse can not only destroy addicts physically and mentally, it can also damage them financially. According to a report in Sports Illustrated, a New York drug dealer admitted to selling $16,000 worth of cocaine to NBA player Lamar Odom in February. Odom has reportedly checked himself in for rehabilitation.  But most addicts don’t have the income of a professional athlete to supplement such a lifestyle.  While it’s impossible to put an exact amount on the costs of substance abuse, the price  of addiction is expensive. Christian Detox Helpline Western Springs, IL wants everyone to know about the financial ramifications of substance abuse.

The primary loss of income comes from the actual money spent on drugs and alcohol. For example, someone who purchases a six-pack of beer, three times a week, will conservatively spend nearly $53 a month. Over the course of a year, that person will spend $634 just on beer for the entire year. Keep in mind most alcoholics will spend far more than this conservative figure. The cost for illicit drugs is even worse. A person who spends $2.89 per day on marijuana will end up spending $972 a year. Cocaine purchased at $26.57 per day will cost nearly $9,000 for the year. Comparative amounts of heroin will cost more than $10,000 annually.

But the steep price of addiction doesn’t end with the purchase of drugs and alcohol. Once someone becomes an addict, it will greatly reduce their productivity. Addicts are more prone to absenteeism from work and are unable to hold a job for a significant amount of time.

An addict’s lifestyle will often center on looking for drugs, using them and recuperation. This cycle is often repeated and forces the addict to avoid more productive activities such as looking for new employment opportunities or taking care of themselves physically and spending time with their families.

The heavy use of drugs and alcohol will also produce increased medical problems. Addicts will often have higher medical bills and are at greater risk for injury. The combination of illness, disability and medical costs can cause a huge dent income.

Alcoholics and drug addicts will be forced to pay higher premiums for car and health insurance because of their substance abuse. For example, the average alcoholic will be charged with 1.4 DUI’s. This will result in a 300 percent hike in their auto insurance or a possible cancellation. As DUIs and arrests begin to pile up, the addict will also have to devote more money for legal bills.

Younger substance abusers are at greater risk of dropping out of school, limiting their education opportunities. This will impair their ability to find a good paying job. The average income for a person without a high school diploma is $19,000.  Conversely, the average income for a person with a bachelor’s degree is $51,000.

Addicts tend to have additional money problems. They can result from late bills, increased interest rates and a poor credit rating.  When all the expenses add up, it’s a recipe for financial ruin. The sooner an addict enrolls into treatment, the greater the chances they can also recover from a financial catastrophe. Many addicts believe they can’t afford treatment due to their money status. But the truth is the cost for proper rehabilitation more than makes up for the money lost annually from substance abuse. 

Beating Addiction in Western Springs

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Just in case you haven’t been monitoring the exploits of Lindsay Lohan, she recently left the Betty Ford Center for a new addiction treatment center to fulfill her court ordered 90 days treatment. The Betty Ford Center is just about the most high-end detox facility on the planet. The cost of 30 day inpatient treatment is around $32,000, which is what some people make at their job in an entire year. Apparently price doesn’t necessarily mean results however, as Lindsay Lohan decided it wasn’t the right fit for her. The only thing longer than the young actress’s arrest record is her list of abused substances. According to reports, Lohan left the facility because they would not let her take Adderall, a prescription drug used to treat ADHD. Drugs like Adderall are often abused even though they are legitimately prescribed, so it should come as no surprise that it was taken from Lohan while she was at the recovery center.

An addiction treatment facility doesn’t have to feel like a prison. In fact, that’s just about the exact opposite of what addiction treatment is all about. Addicts show up at the facility feeling like they are already trapped in prison. Drugs and alcohol are very powerful substances and can take total control over someone’s life. An addict may feel like they are in control of their drug use, but in reality they are totally controlled by the substances they abuse. When the drugs are in control, it can feel like you’re trapped in a cell with no hope for escape. However, there is hope for recovery. Addiction treatment centers are the best way for an addict to take control of their life and reach sobriety.

The dedicated staff at an addiction treatment center like the Christian Detox Helpline in Western Springs, IL are available round the clock. Trained addiction professionals understand what it’s like to kick the habit and are both caring and compassionate. Rehab is not easy, but with help from the right people it is possible to get clean. Don’t think that sobriety is something that happens overnight. Kicking the habit takes time and effort in order for it to be successful. Contact the addiction specialists today for more information about how rehab can make a positive change in your lifestyle.

The Importance of Family

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An addict is usually blissfully unaware of the pain and suffering they cause on those around them. Those who abuse drugs and alcohol often end up alienating themselves from their loved ones without even realizing its happening. Often times this ends up hurting friends and relatives enough so that they want to try to cut the addict from their lives entirely. Patience is key when it comes to helping a friend or family member realize that they have a problem. As someone on the outside looking in, you are uniquely positioned to show the addict what kind of damage they are doing to themselves as well as the people around them. Patience is important but so is empathy, because for most addicts, the journey to recovery is usually full of setbacks and relapses. Staying committed to helping is all you can do when someone is trying to get sober. Recommending that they try a rehab center could go a long way in getting them the help they need to reach sobriety.

A true friend may be hurt when someone they know and care about chooses drugs and alcohol over the friendship but it’s prudent to remember that they suffer from a disease. Had drugs and alcohol not crippled their decision making ability, that person never would have turned their back on their friends. However, drugs and alcohol make people act differently than they normally would. Somewhere deep down, that person is still the same as they once were, it’s just that drugs and alcohol are now running the show. It’s possible to regain control with the help of an addiction treatment center and professional counselors.

An addiction treatment center like the Christian Detox Helpline in Western Springs, IL is the best bet for someone looking to get sober. Since patience and empathy are important factors in helping an addict, treatment centers revolve around these principles which establishes a safe and secure environment conducive for rehab. Trained addiction counselors are not babysitters or security guards, they are people who fully understand what it means to make a positive change in your lifestyle. A caring and compassionate staff is what makes the success rates of rehab facilities so great. Many people try and fail to reach sobriety on their own, so why not put your trust in a rehab center with a track record for patient success? Call a treatment center right away if you or someone you know struggles with an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Preventing a Relapse

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For someone recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, each sober day is a blessing. However, with each sober day comes the possibility of a relapse. The process of rehabbing from a drug or alcohol addiction involves many steps and staying sober after leaving rehab is one of the most important ones. Addiction treatment centers are designed so that patients maximize the chances of staying sober on the outside. Treatment centers do this through counseling sessions where they try to identify what factors led to that person’s drug addiction in the first place. Let’s say a person was led to drinking or drugs because of stress at work or at home. If that person gets sober, but goes back to the same house and job, then the chance that they relapse is going to be higher. They may have gotten sober, but they’ve done nothing to make a change in the lifestyle that led to drug or alcohol addiction in the first place. Having a support system full of addiction counselors, family members and even other recovering addicts makes a huge difference when someone leaves a treatment facility. The person then knows that they have a long list of numbers to call in case they feel the urge to start using again. A common misconception is that once you’ve detoxed from a substance, the urge to use it again dies down. While this is true over time, the allure of drugs and alcohol is something that a person may never fully overcome. The point of rehab is to give you the tools you need to go against the urge to use and focus your mind on more constructive tasks. People who quit smoking cigarettes often say that the urge to smoke never really goes away, you just getting better and better at saying no.

One thing that’s extremely helpful for a recovering addict is getting into a routine. Most people agree that the urge to use comes about more when you’ve got nothing going on. A routine helps keep your mind active, which means you’ll have less time for urges to use. Maybe you go to the gym at the same time after work every day then come home and interact with friends and family. A routine doesn’t have to be strict like it’s the military, but repetition may help keep your mind off substance abuse. If you know someone who is a recovering addict who tends to relapse, contact the Christian Detox Helpline in Western Springs, IL as soon as you can. There are trained addiction counselors who can help anyone kick the habit once and for all.

Ambien is Addictive Too

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It’s not unusual for people to have trouble falling asleep. The stresses of daily life are without a doubt enough to keep someone tossing and turning into the early hours of the morning. In our increasingly medicated world, it’s no surprise that pharmaceutical companies have developed sleep aids for those who have trouble falling asleep on their own. A drug called Ambien first came on the market a few years ago and it became immediately popular with people who couldn’t sleep. Ambien was popular because it usually started working within fifteen minutes of taking the pill so people would fall asleep fast and be able to stay asleep for a full seven or eight hours. Ambien is a powerful drug however, and the side effects can be scary. Users report dizziness, nausea and hallucinations when they try to stay awake after taking an Ambien. Another side effect that’s even scarier is the reports of sleepwalking among users. Some people reported having no memory of walking around their house, making a sandwich and even going for a drive.

Ambien has a very, very high risk of dependency, partly because it works so well. Users find that they sleep so amazingly well while taking Ambien, that when they don’t take it, falling asleep becomes downright impossible. Along with a dependence, users also report developing a tolerance the longer they took Ambien. Most had to continually up their dosage as time went on because they were no longer feeling the effects like they used to. Not only can users who stop taking Ambien experience trouble sleeping, but there can also be other side effects which are even worse. Some include depression, panic attacks, uncontrollable shaking, memory loss and dysphoria. The withdrawal symptoms of an Ambien detox can last for only a few hour or even a few days depending on the person and how long they took the drug for. Every person is unique, so that makes every detox experience unique.

After detoxing from Ambien, it’s helpful to talk to trained addiction treatment professionals like those at the Christian Detox Helpline in Western Springs, IL. It’s great to reach sobriety, but the biggest concern is maintaining a drug free lifestyle once you’ve left the treatment center. Speaking with a counselor or therapist about the underlying causes of Ambien addiction can help shed some light on why someone became addicted in the first place. Factors like stress are the most common when it comes to the inability to sleep, so many counselors will help devise a program to reduce stress in someone’s life. This can help them get to sleep the way nature intended.

Christian Detox Helpline Western Springs, IL; The Dangers of Prescription Drugs

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New studies have shown that teenagers are more likely to use and abuse prescription drugs than the illegal drugs which are purchased on the street. There are a few reasons for this, but the overwhelming reason is because they can be much easier to obtain. Prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs are prescribed by doctors all over the country. Take a peek inside your own medicine cabinet right now. No really, I’ll wait. What did you find? Drugs like Vicodin, Oxycontin, Kolonopin, and Xanax are readily available to teens and parents have no idea. Prescription drugs are essentially designer drugs, meaning that they are created in laboratories by pharmaceutical company scientists. These drugs are designed to target very specific ailments and they are very powerful. The reason they’ve become so popular among teenagers is because of how powerful they are. The “high” from a painkiller like Oxycodone is incredibly powerful and it’s easy for teens to become addicted.

The first step in curbing teen prescription drug abuse is to make sure your prescription medications are in a safe place. The medicine cabinet in the bathroom is NOT a safe place. Not only is it easily available for teens, but really for anyone who comes to your home. You don’t necessarily need to keep them under lock and key (although that would be nice), but as long as they are hidden from plain sight it helps a lot. It’s also important to not advertise that you may have desirable drugs in your home. Burglars are quick to act when they discover that you have valuable medication. Even people who do not use the pills might be interested in them because the fetch such a high price on the streets. Some large dosage painkillers can go for up to $100 per pill.

It sounds terrible to say, but grandparents are often the most victimized. As seniors are the most medicated group, they often are targeted for their pills. There are hundreds of robberies across the United States that are fueled by prescription drugs and more often than not, seniors are the victim. Thieves can steal money and other valuables to purchase drugs with, but they can also cut out the middle man by stealing the drugs directly. Prescription drugs are highly addictive and people can become desperate when trying to get them. They are also very dangerous because the risk of overdosing is so high. Users develop a tolerance with long term usage so they need to take higher and higher doses for the effects to be felt. This is what leads to overdosing.

If you or someone you know is addicted to prescription medication or other drugs, contact the Christian Detox Helpline in Western Springs, IL right away.

Christian Detox Helpline Western Springs, IL; A Celebrity’s influence on Teenage Drug Use

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Oh the glamorous life of a young pop star. One minute Justin Bieber is riding around in his white Ferrari, the next a picture of him apparently smoking marijuana is all over the internet. Bieber fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The social media website Twitter went particularly crazy as Bieber fans sent out tweets at a record pace. The most popular and controversial hashtag was #cutforbieber. It began as a prank but quickly escalated to the national spotlight. Basically Bieber fans and pranksters alike began posting self-harm pictures on Twitter with the aforementioned hashtag and stating that they would continue the self-harm until Bieber swore off pot.  The trend received so much attention that it ended up in the national news. The biggest issue is that Bieber’s primary fan base is teenagers who are the most at risk for both marijuana use and self-harm. Teen pot use is as prevalent now as any point in the last few decades and the fact that many states have started decriminalizing and even legalizing marijuana is a big influence on kids.

A lot of teenagers experiment with marijuana during their high school and college years. What they don’t realize is that stage of life is when the brain goes through the most development. Prolonged marijuana exposure on the adolescent brain causes significant impairment to memory, intelligence, and learning ability. Teens use the drug for many reasons despite these harmful effects. Many enjoy the sensation of being high, while others are driven to use simply because they enjoy doing things they aren’t supposed to do. As anyone with a teenager can tell you, teens rarely like doing what they’re told.

 One major influence on teens using drugs and alcohol is from peer pressure and when they see famous people like Justin Bieber using them. Teens think that emulating the actions of the stars means that they’ll be cool and successful as well.  Stars like Justin Bieber should understand that the things they do can have an effect on a lot of people. Sometimes the effect is positive, but in the case of the pot photos, it was most definitely negative.

The problem is that substance abuse is a major issue in our society and stars like Justin Bieber are not helping at all. Lives are ruined by drugs and alcohol and it’s important we teach our children of the dangers these substances possess. If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance abuse issue, please contact the Christian Detox Helpline in Western Springs, IL and talk to real drug and alcohol addiction counselors who have experience in addiction treatment.