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Ambien is Addictive Too

It’s not unusual for people to have trouble falling asleep. The stresses of daily life are without a doubt enough to keep someone tossing and turning into the early hours of the morning. In our increasingly medicated world, it’s no surprise that pharmaceutical companies have developed sleep aids for those who have trouble falling asleep on their own. A drug called Ambien first came on the market a few years ago and it became immediately popular with people who couldn’t sleep. Ambien was popular because it usually started working within fifteen minutes of taking the pill so people would fall asleep fast and be able to stay asleep for a full seven or eight hours. Ambien is a powerful drug however, and the side effects can be scary. Users report dizziness, nausea and hallucinations when they try to stay awake after taking an Ambien. Another side effect that’s even scarier is the reports of sleepwalking among users. Some people reported having no memory of walking around their house, making a sandwich and even going for a drive.

Ambien has a very, very high risk of dependency, partly because it works so well. Users find that they sleep so amazingly well while taking Ambien, that when they don’t take it, falling asleep becomes downright impossible. Along with a dependence, users also report developing a tolerance the longer they took Ambien. Most had to continually up their dosage as time went on because they were no longer feeling the effects like they used to. Not only can users who stop taking Ambien experience trouble sleeping, but there can also be other side effects which are even worse. Some include depression, panic attacks, uncontrollable shaking, memory loss and dysphoria. The withdrawal symptoms of an Ambien detox can last for only a few hour or even a few days depending on the person and how long they took the drug for. Every person is unique, so that makes every detox experience unique.

After detoxing from Ambien, it’s helpful to talk to trained addiction treatment professionals like those at the Christian Detox Helpline in Western Springs, IL. It’s great to reach sobriety, but the biggest concern is maintaining a drug free lifestyle once you’ve left the treatment center. Speaking with a counselor or therapist about the underlying causes of Ambien addiction can help shed some light on why someone became addicted in the first place. Factors like stress are the most common when it comes to the inability to sleep, so many counselors will help devise a program to reduce stress in someone’s life. This can help them get to sleep the way nature intended.

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